Despite map changes i'm still a big fan of giving masters their own special area. The garden statue of saint […]

The story goes that beans, corn, and squash are actually three native american maidens. According to iroquois legend, corn, beans, […]

Conduct a soil test, and prepare the garden site. Plan type, soil and location: Flower Gardening Ideas 3 Sisters in […]

The upright element is traditionally corn, but sunflowers or grain sorghum make interesting alternatives. Developments to date has been made […]

The plants in the irrigated garden flourished. In a three sisters garden, corn, beans and squash plants are grown together […]

Who were the three sisters and in what ways did they help each other grow? The youngest was so small […]

After the plants get about 6 inches tall, i remove half of them, leaving only the strong seedlings to grow […]

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