Syngonium Pink Splash Care and Growing Guide

  • Brian Killen
  • May 26, 2023

Give a take a look at the Syngonium Pink Splash Care and Rising Information and uncover the most effective practices to assist your plant thrive.

Syngonium Pink Splash

Syngonium Pink Splash is a well-liked houseplant identified for its stunning pink and inexperienced foliage. On this information, we are going to offer you all of the important care ideas and tips you should know to assist your plant thrive!

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Syngonium Pink Splash Plant Info


Syngonium Pink Splash is a hardy evergreen plant that belongs to the Araceae household. It’s believed to have originated from Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, and the West Indies.

What makes the Pink Syngonium stand out are its arrow-shaped deep inexperienced leaves which have a pointed entrance finish and a broader, lobed stem finish. The distinct ‘paint-like’ markings on the foliage create a surprising distinction in opposition to the darkish inexperienced leaves, which is why the title ‘pink splash’ was added to the plant’s title.

Propagating Syngonium Pink Splash

Syngonium Pink Splash 2

Syngonium Pink Splash is sort of simple to propagate by means of stem cuttings.

  • Take a slicing from a wholesome stem of the plant, ensuring to incorporate not less than two nodes (the small bump on the stem the place leaves emerge).
  • Place the slicing in a pot full of a well-draining potting combine. Water properly, and hold the container in an space that receives oblique daylight.
  • In a number of weeks, the cuttings will type roots and the plant will start to develop.

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Necessities for Rising Syngonium Pink Splash



For Syngonium Pink Splash to take care of variegation, it wants a medium to brilliant oblique gentle. Low gentle may cause reverting, making leaves lose their variegation and switch stable inexperienced.

The perfect is to maintain it at an east-facing location the place it will probably indulge in some morning solar for 3-4 hours daily. It will likely be nice for its colours and progress.


The perfect soil combine for Syngonium Pink Splash is a well-draining potting combine that incorporates equal components peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. To make sure good drainage, add some further perlite or coarse sand to the combo.

The soil also needs to be barely acidic, with a pH between 6.0 and 6.5.


One of the simplest ways to water a Syngonium Pink Splash plant is to moisten it deeply and often. Enable the soil to dry out about two-thirds of the best way down earlier than watering once more. It is very important keep away from overwatering, as this will trigger root rot.

Temperature and Humidity

The best temperature and humidity stage for Syngonium vegetation is between 65°F and 80°F (18°C to 27°C) with a humidity stage of 40% to 60%.

To raise humidity ranges, hold its pot on a pebble tray full of water.

Syngonium Pink Splash Care

Syngonium Pink Splash 9


Syngonium Pink Splash will respect a month-to-month dose of a balanced liquid fertilizer. Don’t feed the plant an excessive amount of because it can lead to root burn. Additionally, keep away from fertilizing the plant in colder months.


Prune Syngonium Pink Splash by eradicating any lifeless, diseased, or broken leaves, stems, and roots. Trim again any lengthy stems which can be rising uncontrolled and any leaves which can be too giant.

Pruning will assist to advertise new progress and encourage wholesome, bushy vegetation. When pruning, use clear, sharp shears or scissors and keep away from tearing the plant’s leaves.

Pests and Ailments

These vegetation are often hardy to pests, however overwatering can appeal to spider mites and mealybugs. To fight them, use a mix of neem oil and water and alternate with a industrial fungicide each 10 days for prevention.

Root rot is a standard problem that Pink Syngonium vegetation might face if the soil doesn’t drain correctly. To stop this and any potential fungal assaults, it’s finest to vary the soil combine and enhance air circulation by poking some holes.

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