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You can also plant your lettuce at the base of young sunflowers for a little shade. Dill and lettuce are a perfect pair.

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage Seed Heirloom Cabbage Seed Cabbage Seeds Organic Seeds Seeds

Most are produced by cuttings.

Strawberry cabbage heirloom lettuce. Morse & company of san francisco under the commercial name strawberry cabbage lettuce. It grows happily in the shade under young sunflowers. The stock from which these grew came from baker creek heirloom seeds.

When moving from indoors to the full sun, acclimate the seedlings for about. Heat, drought and light frost tolerant. Bean, celery, lettuce, pea, radish

Sanguine ameliore was introduced in this country in 1906 by c. Nasturtium, peas, potato, strawberry, tomato. Stunning sanguine or blood red speckles.

Lettuce, strawberry cabbage, lactuca sativa, 4in potted plant, organic, gmo free, organic, heirloom. Rare french variety introduced in 1907 by c.c. Saving seed from the strawberry cabbage leaf lettuce plants.

Strawberry cabbage lettuce, also known as sanguine ameliore lettuce, is rare french heirloom variety with red speckles covering green leaves. There really is no comparison to their large, modern day cousins. Alpine strawberry $2.95 $2.95 green globe artichoke $2.95 $2.95 perennial arugula, rucola selvatica, wild rocket sylvetta $2.95 $2.95 asparagus $2.95 $2.95.

Kale, snap pea, cabbage, romaine, turnip, shrimp crouton, sesame vinaigrette, cashew drizzle plates build your perfect combination step 1 choose a wood grilled protein Plants average 8 in diameter. This unique 19th century french heirloom was introduced to america by c.c.

Alpine strawberries are the original wild strawberry. 1 gram approximate seed count: ½ cup walnut pieces, toasted (see box, page 31) ½ cup (about 2 ounces) crumbled goat cheese.

Tender texture and excellent quality. Look for the carrot for the annie's favorites. Leaves show a gentle frill.

Does well with beets, broccoli, bush beans, pole beans, carrots, cucumbers, onion, radish and strawberries. Crisp, good quality, mild flavor, fast growing. Bean, cucumber, melon, pea, pumpkin, potato, radish.

Deep cranberry/red, thick leaves protect a soft green rose center. Very early, dependable and productive. Thick butter head variety has a tender texture and a crisp flavor.

I have no affiliation with. Selected for being easy to grow and providing a long harvest window. Keep lettuce away from cabbage.

45 days (full maturity.) one of the most tender and delicately flavored leaf lettuces! 7 ounces heirloom lettuce leaves, left whole, or 5 ounces mixed baby greens, rinsed and dried if not prewashed. Bush beans, pole beans, lettuce, onion, pea, radish, tomato.

These are a few of the old fruits that can be started from seeds. Cut the strawberries in quarters, place them in a small bowl, and toss them with about 2 tablespoons of the vinaigrette. Compact, upright large broad, frilled, distinctly savoyed light green tender leaves.

One meaning for ‘sanguine’ is cheerfully optimistic, and these charming butter type lettuces do, indeed, seem cheerful. Heirloom lettuces blend does well with beets, bush beans, pole beans, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, onion, radish and strawberries in your garden or containers. Thick butter head variety has a tender texture and a crisp flavor.

They are tiny little strawberries are packed with sweetness and flavor. Cabbage, leek, onion, spinach, tomato. Cabbage is a deterrent to the growth and flavor of lettuce.

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