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When shopping for terrarium plants you will find cacti in all shapes and sizes: Easy to grow in bright shade or morning.

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Peperomia & piper (piperaceae) pet safe house plants;

Plants for terrariums. Can be trimmed to keep bushy. Click here to see a list of a wide range of terrarium, bottle garden, and vivarium plants, including ferns, orchids, and other. What are the best closed terrarium plants?

For closed terrariums with medium light: For areas with medium light, you can go with a terrarium that's either open or closed. This page lists many of the terrarium plants that feature in the articles i have written for

Peperomia (parallel, ripple, peperomioides chinese money plant) fern (autumn, woodland, button) pilea (friendship plant, glauca, depressa) hypoestes (polka dot plant) selaginella; Click on each plant for more information and to find every article which mentions that particular plant. These types of terrarium plants are great for use as feature plants in the foreground/middle of a terrarium or bottle garden.

Terrarium ferns range from compact tropical ferns and tiny epiphytic species, to miniature varieties of common houseplants. Ferns are perfectly suited to life in closed terrariums. Involucrata)—also great for terrariums, this pilea is a bushy plant that must have humidity to survive.

They love the consistent heat and humidity that sealed terrarium environments provide, plus they tend to make up a significant number of the suitable low light terrarium plants. Cacti are members of the plant family cactaceae. Some of the most common plants being used for open terrariums are hens and chicks, aloe, desert cacti, succulents, and air plants.

Big and little, fat and skinny. These 14 plants are ideal for a closed terrarium; For open terrariums with medium light:

Thick glossy foliage is bright green, accented by red stems. What are the best small plants for open terrariums? There are three types of cacti.

This plant is a gorgeous, simple plant great for a terrarium. The diffused light inside a terrarium is perfect for this plant, also known as mother fern, as well as other shade lovers, including fittonia , creeping fig , dwarf coleus , and dwarf orchids. Given the size constraints of a terrarium, the last thing you want to do is to accidentally choose a plant species that outgrows its environment.

Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants and materials instead of the substrate (though some do both). Pilea plants come in many different varieties, most of which thrive and look beautiful in terrariums. Many of these air plants can even be placed in open, hanging style terrariums.

A popular flowering plant for terrariums, spiderwort is a perennial with long and thin blade like leaves that grow upright then arch downwards, of a bright green color that fills with brightly intense violet blue flowers with three petals from late spring to midsummer. Pilea baby tears ( pilea depressa ) —its small leaves, trailing nature, low height, and love for humidity make this type of pilea an excellent choice to provide lush foliage for your closed terrarium. When considering what live plants for a reptile terrarium are best suited for a tropical vivarium, consider these plants above all else:

Golden pothos loves moisture and will thrive in terrariums, and bright rooms with indirect light. Nice little foliage plant for filling in shady fairy gardens, miniature landscapes, and terrariums. The plant only grows to be about a foot tall and prefers a humid environment with moist conditions.

The best small plants for open terrariums are as follows: This article will help you choose the most beautiful and best closed terrarium plants. All plants need to be healthy and free of insects.

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