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Medium light plants can withstand multiple hours of direct light but thrive in indirect light. Our favorite plants for moderate indirect (medium bright) light:

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These colorful plants are cousins to the chinese evergreen and show their most vivid colors with medium light.

Plants for medium light. Best plants for medium light. Aspidistra (cast iron plant) calathea (prayer plant) dracaena (wide leafed varieties) ferns (most varieties) howea forsteriana (kentia palm) maranta. A clear hand shadow indicates a high level of light.

Bedrooms are a great spot for medium light plants, especially if you have sheer curtains to filter the light coming in during the day. Here is a simple guideline highlighting those types of indoor trees and houseplants with some maintenance tips as well. Bird of paradise plant rondo charcoal metallic.

In general, indoor plants are listed as low light, medium light, and high light. Best plants for bright indirect light. Bird of paradise plant in 10 nursery pot.

Indoor plants that need medium light. Best plants for low light. This sprawling plant with unusual variegation is a bit of an oddball:

For maintenance of mature zz plants, prune. If the shadow is a bit fuzzy but mostly looks like a hand, that's medium light. Peace lily low to medium light loving plants that are also known as peace lily.

The african violet (saintpaulia) is your classic indoor plant. If you love growing plants in the home to give your interior a touch of green for your living space but not have more sunlight, you can grow some indoor plants today. This is a good plant to experiment with.

However, there are some indoor plants that also do well in an environment with medium light. We recommend choosing some of our natural air purifiers. Bird of paradise plant in 14 nursery pot.

For plant’s growth, sunlight plays an important role. It blooms like crazy for some people, and never for others. One of the most popular houseplants, zz plants have been found to remove copious amounts of toxins from the air.

Spathiphyllum (peace lily) sansevieria (flat types) Examples of plants that require moderate levels of light include pleomele reflexa, fishtail palm, and the classic parlor palm. Medium light plants prefer at least 4 to 6 hours of indirect sun a day.

One of the best is the golden pothos, which has been recognized by nasa for its ability to filter out nasty chemicals from the air. Do not let the soil dry out, and keep leaves clean with frequent misting or washing. Examples of medium light loving plants are as follows:

High light plants need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. It has fuzzy leaves that form a rosette and the flowers come in a variety of pink and purple shades. Low light plants are those that can get by with just 2 to 4 hours of indirect light a day.

They are one of the most common houseplants because they are easy to grow & beautiful. Despite its red color, the leaves of red aglaonema burn easily in direct sunlight. But, what does this mean?

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