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It is hardy to zone (uk) 5. They have a stoloniferous root system that multiple stems grow from to form small clonal colonies.

Phlox Divaricata Laphamii Part Shade 15hx12-18w Zone 3-8 Blooms Apr-jun White Flower Farm Shade Perennials Part Shade Perennials

This selection has clusters of fragrant white flowers with an indigo eye, over a low spreading mound of bright green foliage.

Phlox divaricata. Individual blooms are about an inch wide. The spreading foliage is a deep green with upright stems. Armeria divaricata armeria divaricata (linnaeus) kuntze, revis.

Wild sweet william or woodland phlox is a beautiful and beloved wildflower that can brighten a shady area in need of spring color, — ranging from a soft exquisite true blue to lavender and occasionally, white. The leaves are opposite with a smooth margin. Leaves are elliptical or lance shaped with smooth edges and blunt or pointed tips.

The leaves of this plant may start to look ragged in the summer heat, so. As the common name suggests, this is a woodland species which occurs in rich woods, fields and along streams. I don't know about the deer, though.

Three of the plants returned the following spring only to repeat the same pattern. Phlox divaricata is an evergreen perennial growing to 0.5 m (1ft 8in) by 1 m (3ft 3in) at a medium rate. Borne at the tip of hairy and sticky stems, they rise enthusiastically.

Foliage serves as groundcover throughout the growing season, but stems laden with majorly fragrant blue flowers erupt in spring. Phlox divaricata is a mounding rhizomatous perennial groundcover. Blue phlox is a herbaceous perennial that may grow 6 to 12 inches high.

They prefer growing in light shade in fairly organic and damp soils like. The plants were small during the first year of the evaluation and completely defoliated during the summer months. The central stem of each fertile shoot is light green to reddish brown and pubescent to hairy;

Larese, phlox divaricata is a woodland species and won't likely do well in an open, sunny area like a graveyard. A woodland border in partial shade is ideal. Woodland phlox, phlox divaricata, is an eastern north american native increasingly offered as an ornamental to use in cultivated gardens for its attractive bluish flowers.this herbaceous perennial in the phlox family (polemoniaceae) can be found growing in dappled shade in open woods, partially shaded meadows, and along stream.

Phlox divaricata ‘blue dreams’ struggled to establish itself in our trial garden. I always go for blue. Phlox divaricata 'clouds of perfume' overview.

Eastern blue phlox, louisiana phlox, blue woodland phlox, sweet william, wild sweet william. Upper leaves alternate, corolla commonly red, white, or variegated, and plants annual (vs. Green or purplish stems are erect or decumbent and may be sprinkled with sticky glandular hairs.

Just look for pots of our native blue phlox ( phlox divaricata ). Phlox divaricata 'blue moon' blue moon woodland phlox sweet william is a fragrant, showy species of woodland phlox. It is noted for attracting wildlife.

You might try phlox pilosa instead, which may be better suited to that type of site. Phlox divaricata is a perennial species that typically grow up to around 30″ or so tall. Low, spreading stems with dark green leaves that root at the nodes put forth an erect stalk of flowers in late spring.

Woodland phlox in habitat in a maple woods in southern wisconsin. Loose clusters of slightly fragrant, tubular, lilac to rose to blue. As the common name suggests, this is a woodland species which occurs in rich woods, fields and along streams.

Spreads to form a small patch, easily. They can sometimes take on a slight lavender blush as they age. Eastern blue phlox is a native herbaceous perennial in the phlox family (polemoniaceae).

Take summer cuttings as an insurance against loss. Papery oval capsule containing many seeds. Synonym full citation basionym type;

Woodland phlox phlox divaricata laphamii phlox family (polemoniaceae) description:

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