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The nearly black foliage is an attractive feature throughout the year and the seed stalks. The huskers red were transplanted to a hot, dry, sandy.

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Provide this easy to grow clump forming perennial, a.

Penstemon dark towers. Dark towers penstemon, an offspring of penstemon digitalis, was developed by dale lindgren at the university of nebraska from his original selection of husker red. Penstemon 'dark towers' pp #20,013. Plant it near the center of the pot, surrounded by smaller plants and those.

Compared to 'husker's red', this beauty has much darker foliage which stays darker. Varieties of penstemon 'dark towers' is similar to husker red, but with pale pink flowers and darker foliage. Penstemon 'dark towers' by garden splendor® is an excellent, ultra hardy and easy to grow perennial that you should consider planting in your garden.

Slim, upright growth, dark beetroot colouring on the stems. Like all of our penstemons, this one takes the heat. Flower color is purple/lavender and blooms in spring.

Penstemon 'dark towers' (pp 20,013 filed in 2007) is a new hybrid cross between p. Dark towers beardtongue is well adapted to moister growing conditions found in the eastern half of the us where many beardtongues of western origins will fail. These pictures were taken the same day.

It grows a bit taller than ‘husker red’ and produces masses of pink, rather than white, flowers in early to midsummer depending on the zone. A tough, carefree plant which tolerates high heat. Penstemons are sometimes commonly called beardtongues because the unusual sterile stamen contained in each flower has a tuft of small hairs.

Penstemon ‘dark towers’ is a deer and rabbit resistant plant; I'm happy to purchase one of those tall slender pots for it as i have to grow it in a container this year, but not sure about the size. Dark towers has darker foliage that keeps its color better through summer and it has pink flowers versus white on husker red.

Easy to grow and perfect for a sunny, minimal care landscape. Beds and borders, bees (attract & feed bees), city, cottage/informal. Grow and process plants for making beer, wine, gruit, cider, perry, and more.

Penstemon ‘dark towers’ penstemon ‘huskers red’ recently cut back. It is also slightly taller. Hardiness zone 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b.

Digitalis 'husker red' and p. Penstemons are members of the snapdragon family, and are found throughout north america where the few that know them consider them wildflowers, not garden plants. In comparison, ‘dark towers’ pp20013 has much darker foliage that emerges wine purple and keeps its color much better through the summer heat.

Penstemon dark towers pp 20013 aka dark towers beardtongue. But the hummingbirds and butterflies love it. Interestingly the huskers red look healthy while the dark towers are appear burnt to a crisp even though this year has had pretty consistent rain to this point in the season.

Tolerates high heat, humidity, and periodic dry spells, when established. Dark towers beard tongue is a fine choice for the garden, but it is also a good selection for planting in outdoor pots and containers. Butterfly attracting plants, cut flower plants, groundcovers, hummingbird plants, pollinator plants, north american native plants, plants that attract birds, rain garden plants,.

I grew some penstemon digitalis ‘husker red’ from seed the year before last, and so with the wait, this is the beginning of seeing the plant in action. Playing with penstemons has become a bit of an obsession. Unfurling opium poppy and penstemon ‘dark towers’, tostat, june 2019.

I've just purchased a gorgeous penstemon dark towers and only found out when i got back home that they are not suitable for containers because of their deep roots. 'elfin pink' is a good rock garden plant, topping out just shy of 12 inches. Developed at the university of nebraska, this is an outstanding taller selection for the middle to back of a sunny border.

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