Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

  • Brian Killen
  • Jun 02, 2023

Let’s discover the Lotus Flower Which means and Symbolism that offers you a deeper perception into this lovely specimen!

Lotus flowers are extensively recognized for his or her magnificence, however they’re additionally deeply rooted in symbolism and historical past. These flowers have been celebrated for hundreds of years throughout totally different cultures and religions. On this weblog put up, we’ll discover Lotus Flower Which means and Symbolism.

What’s Lotus Flower?

The Lotus flower is an aquatic plant that usually grows in shallow, murky waters and has massive, spherical leaves that float on the floor. The flower itself is massive and showy, with a definite, layered construction that’s made up of many petals. The colour of the Lotus flower can range from white to pink, crimson, and even blue.

These flowers are sometimes grown by plant lovers in ponds or water gardens. Lotus vegetation usually bloom in mid to late summer season, with massive, showy flowers reaching as much as 12 inches in diameter. Get pleasure from their magnificence and symbolism, and take a while to understand the traditional historical past and cultural significance of this superb plant.

Botanical Identify: Nelumbo nucifera

USDA Zones: 5-10

Historical past of Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers have been round for a very long time. In actual fact, they’ve been cultivated and revered for hundreds of years in locations like India, China, and Egypt. They’re even talked about in historic texts just like the Vedas and the Bible! The flower is necessary in Hinduism and Buddhism

At the moment, Lotus flowers might be discovered in lots of components of the world, together with Africa, Europe, and North America, the place they’re grown for his or her magnificence, in addition to their sensible makes use of in medication and delicacies.

Lotus Flower Which means and Symbolism

The Lotus flower is usually thought to be a logo of magnificence, purity, and non secular enlightenment throughout many cultures and religions. They’re additionally related to the solar and the moon, representing the steadiness of opposites within the universe.

  • In Buddhism, the Lotus flower is seen as a logo of non secular awakening and is commonly depicted in art work and literature.
  • In Egyptian mythology, the Lotus flower is related to the solar and creation and is commonly depicted in hieroglyphics and different art work.
  • In Chinese language tradition, the Lotus flower is related to magnificence, class, and luck and is commonly utilized in conventional artwork and ornament.
  • In Hinduism, the Lotus flower is related to the divine and is taken into account a logo of purity, enlightenment, and self-regeneration.

White Lotus flowers symbolize purity and non secular perfection, crimson lotus flowers symbolize love, compassion, and keenness. Pink Lotus flowers are related to the Buddha and his teachings, and blue Lotus flowers are mentioned to carry a way of calm and tranquility.

Lotus Flower Which means in Indian Subcontinent

In India, the Lotus flower holds a really particular and necessary that means. It’s thought to be a logo of purity, enlightenment, and self-regeneration and is deeply rooted in Indian mythology and non secular practices. It is usually the nationwide flower of the nation.

Along with its spiritual and non secular significance, the Lotus flower can be an necessary cultural image in India. It’s extensively thought to be the nationwide flower of India and is a well-liked motif in Indian artwork and design.

Lotus Flowers Makes use of

Lotus flowers even have many sensible makes use of. They’re usually utilized in conventional medication to deal with a wide range of illnesses, from digestive points to irritation.

In some cultures, Lotus flowers are even thought of a delicacy and are utilized in culinary dishes like salads and soups. In nations like Vietnam, China, and Korea, lotus leaves are used as a beverage. The flower can be used as a pure meals coloring so as to add a hue of pink to desserts or drinks.

Not solely its flower but additionally its stems and seeds are consumed, that are thought of a superb supply of protein. Maybe one of the crucial lovely issues about lotus flowers is their position in artwork and literature. All through historical past, these flowers have been depicted in work, sculptures, and even poetry, usually as a logo of magnificence and charm.

Lotus Flowers VS. Water Lilies


Lotus flowers and water lilies could look related at first look, however they really have some necessary variations. Let’s take a more in-depth look and evaluate these two aquatic vegetation in a enjoyable and lighthearted method!

  • Look: Lotus flowers and water lilies have totally different bodily traits. Lotus flowers have a definite seed pod within the middle of their blooms, whereas water lilies have a flat, disc-like seed pod. Lotus flowers additionally are likely to have bigger leaves and blooms, whereas water lilies have smaller, extra delicate options.
  • Rising circumstances: Lotus flowers favor heat, sunny climates and might develop in shallow water, whereas water lilies can develop in each shallow and deep water and might tolerate a wider vary of temperatures.

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