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A keyhole garden is a raised garden bed built from organic materials layered in a circle between six and eight feet wide. A keyhole garden is a circular raised bed.

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They were first made popular in africa and are ideal for hot, dry climates.

Keyhole gardening. A keyhole garden is a terrific place to grow two or three fruit trees such as apricots or plums. Keyhole garden beds are raised beds that are shaped like a keyhole. The garden has a notch in the front, so gardeners can easily add to or turn over the pile.

The composting basket replenishes the soil's nutrients as. Berries are good too (except blueberries, of course). A short history of keyhole gardening.

Then it is layered with compost, manure, wood ash and other nutrient rich materials. March 6, 2015 by beth 9 comments. It can be especially useful in areas where water and nutrients are in short supply, but it is an idea that can be applied in almost any climate zone.

Here we show you how easy it is to build a keyhole bed. One originated in africa, is a raised bed, and incorporates a compost. Keyhole gardens are small circular gardens made of accessible materials and a “keyhole” walkway cut out for easy access to the compost basket in the middle.

While there are plenty of variations, most keyhole gardens are rounded raised beds with a notch cut into the middle (similar to a keyhole, hence the name) to allow for easy access. Keyhole gardens are circular raised bed gardens. Featuring a drainage layer, a soil layer, and a planting area, keyhole gardens combine all the necessities that plants need to thrive.

The method i’m going to talk about today is called a keyhole garden. Very little weeding is needed and since the garden is raised, not much stooping is required. The garden uses a number of layers to retain moisture and nourish the soil, making it more productive than a conventional garden.

The indentation allows gardeners to add uncooked vegetable scraps, greywater, and manure into a composting basket that sits in the center of the bed. Each keyhole garden has a composting basket built into its center. Once constructed, planting and tending a keyhole garden is easy.

These compounds are used to fortify the. Keyhole gardens are great for planting edible crops. Since plants are tightly packed in, an amazing amount of produce can be grown in one.

If you haven’t constructed a garden as yet then consider a garden of this sort. A single keyhole garden affords enough abundance to provide a large family with a year round supply of vegetables. You plant trees at an angle, let them hang over the sides and prune off the inside parts.

In this way, composting materials can be added to the basket throughout the growing season to provide nutrients for. A keyhole garden is a type of permaculture garden because it is sustainable and regenerative. Meet keyhole gardening — an important development in growing healthy food at home.

What is a keyhole garden? See more ideas about keyhole garden, garden, garden beds. Keyhole gardens have made a name for themselves, this popular garden method is making waves so why not get in on the action and have a garden of your own you will be so happy that you invested the time that will pay off in.

The shape is usually round or square, with a center area cut into it which makes the center compost well(containing the composting material) extremely accessible without having to actually step into the raised bed. Last week i attended the garden bloggers conference in atlanta. This gives the garden a keyhole shape when viewed from above.

This gardening design was first used by the people of lesotho, a nation of south africa back in the 1990’s. When it is first constructed the keyhole is laid out and built up with stone which will hold moisture in. It’s used as an access point for food waste, gray water, and manure.

It was also my lucky weekend because i connected with a great. You grow crops in the outer circle and the center portion has a composting basket. What is a keyhole garden?

There are actually two different keyhole garden designs. Plant roots take up these nutrients and reward you with lush growth and an abundant harvest. A keyhole garden is a type of garden bed commonly utilised in permaculture design.

It’s raised to about hip or waist height for reasons that i’ll get to in just a bit. A keyhole garden is a round garden bed with a compost pile in the center. In the center of the circle, a composting well funnels nutrients from food waste into the nearby soil.

A keyhole garden is a small circular raised bed with an indentation on one side.

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