How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Loofah Sponges

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  • May 30, 2023

Luffa aegyptiaca and Luffa acutangular

Once I was a younger lady, we didn’t use washcloths with our baths or showers. We didn’t have the puffy, plastic mesh scrubbies offered at greenback shops at present.

We used a loofah sponge, and it wasn’t till I used to be a grownup that I spotted we grew these in our yard backyard!

Loofahs available on the market at present are typically artificial, that means they aren’t made out of the gourd plant that these had been initially modeled after.

A basket of green and tan loofa gourds ready to be made into natural sponges.

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The true deal is a mixture of soppy and exfoliating, with the flexibility to soak up simply sufficient water and cleaning soap to get a great lather going!

Loofahs obtained naturally from the backyard might be of many styles and sizes and are nice for a number of family makes use of past washing up within the tub.

Let’s get began!

What You’ll Be taught

Discovering Luffah Varieties

First, notice that loofah might be spelled some ways, amongst them: luffah, luffa, loufa, and even simply luff.

Try growing your own loofah sponges with our easy-to-follow tips |

Acquiring loofah or luffa gourd seeds hasn’t been as straightforward previously few years as when my mom planted them years in the past. I searched fairly a number of backyard facilities and farm provide shops earlier than I discovered them.

You may discover it simpler to go looking on-line for this species, which can be known as Luffa aegyptiaca or Luffa acutangular.

Square image of dried homegrown luffa sponge, on a beige surface with a tan background.

Heirloom Luffa Seeds

Heirloom luffa seeds are obtainable from Burpee in packets of 25 seeds. These might be harvested younger to get pleasure from as a vegetable, or allowed to develop on the vine for decorative use as sponges till they attain about 7 inches in size.

Some cultivars are extra elongated and skinnier than others. Select a well-rated selection from a vendor that has proven success with their harvests.

Planting Sponges in Your Backyard

Within the spring, when the hazard of a tough frost has handed, plant the seeds in the identical method you’ll any squash, pumpkin, or melon.

Make a number of hills, a couple of foot aside, alongside a fence or different climbing floor. These crops like to develop upward and wrap round something close to them.

Giving them a spot to hold will assist them preserve the fruits from spoiling nearer to reap season.

Learn how to grow the multipurpose loofah plant now at Gardener's Path:

You may plant two seeds in each hill in case you’d like to extend your odds of guaranteeing that one plant will develop.

When every seedling has grown to about two inches tall, skinny to a single plant per hill.

Luffa gourds must be stored adequately watered, and so they actually like sunight.


For those who’ve had expertise eradicating the primary flowers and the male flowers of different plant breeds, it’s possible you’ll select to implement this system with the loofah. In any other case, I’ve discovered it to be greatest to simply go away it alone, as this follow tends to wreck vines.

I additionally deal with my luffah crops to a common dusting of diatomaceous earth within the late summer season and early fall when squash beetles are most harmful.

Bright yellow flowers characterize loofah squash plants, which you can learn grow at home now at Gardener's Path:

You’ll want to regulate any “strangled” gourds that will change into entrapped within the climbing fence.

When the luffah fruits are small, ensure that they’re on only one aspect of the fence. Many will attempt to poke by means of fence gaps and develop on each side of the boundary without delay, leading to deformed fruit that can not be harvested later.


Choosing the loofah is much like the strategy for harvesting another squash or melon.

You’ll want to pinch or reduce the fruit off on the vine, leaving the plant in good condition for another gourds that want to complete ripening. Figuring out simply when to reap, nonetheless, is a little bit of a problem.

Loofah is an edible plant, so you’ll be able to harvest younger and eat them in the identical method you’ll a younger zucchini or summer season squash.

Grow loofah squash for the sponge, but sample one or two at the dinner table |

They’re fickle plant when it comes to style, going from tender to horrible in a fashion of weeks.

For that reason, many select to make use of them for his or her distinctive principal function, permitting them to remain on the vine for a late summer season or early fall harvest. These growers have an interest within the sponge, in fact!

If that frost is coming quickly, it’s essential to decide. Even barely unripe loofahs can be utilized, though they could be smaller in measurement.

In any other case, when the fruit feels very mild, and the pores and skin has change into dry and darkish in shade, it’s prepared to reap.

Making ready the Sponge

Now comes the distinctive process of turning gourd into sponge. I discover the loofah to be a smelly gourd, so it would be best to do that work exterior, on a backyard desk or patio. You’ll want:

  • A big stone or rolling pin.
  • Bucket of heat water with a teaspoon of bleach.
  • Scissors or pruning shears.

Begin by laying the luffah on a flat, stable floor. Strike it with the rolling pin or stone, knocking off as a lot of the dried outer pores and skin as you’ll be able to. You might also see some seeds come free throughout this course of – this can be a good factor!

Any cussed pores and skin fragments might be peeled off along with your fingers or reduce away gently with the shears. I personally discover the pores and skin to be powerful for my arthritic palms to peel, so the shears are good to have.

The riper the gourd, the better will probably be to peel. For those who needed to decide some immature gourds, you’ll discover the pores and skin more durable to take away. For these, reducing one finish off with the shears and peeling like a banana could also be your greatest technique.

A stack of dried and prepared brown sponges made from loofa gourds.

As soon as the pores and skin and seeds are gone, you’ll discover coarse, fibrous materials inside. It ought to be yellow, brown, and even black.

You may soak the darkish and considerably unappealing loofahs in order that they seem brisker and cleaner, if you want. A fast bathtub in an answer of bleach water (one teaspoon bleach to a gallon of water) for a couple of minutes will do.

Rinse the gourds by spraying with a high-pressure hose. You might also wash them in soapy water. All of the seeds, and any rotten materials or indicators of mildew ought to be eliminated utterly.

Enable the gourds to dry within the solar over the course of a day on a towel unfold out in your backyard desk. Flip repeatedly to dry evenly and eliminate all of the moisture.

As soon as utterly dry, you’ll be able to retailer luffah sponges anyplace in your house that’s dry and free from pests.

Extra Makes use of

Along with making an ideal bathtub time exfoliator, they’re efficient at washing up round the home.

These homegrown sponges work wonders on grout, make a scratch-free possibility for cleansing delicate porcelain, and even assist to take away grass stains when used along with your favourite laundry pre-treater.

I’m particularly keen on how they take grime off my forged iron pans!

Learn how to grow your own loofah sponges |

The identical loofah can be utilized again and again, offered you retain it clear after every use and permit it to dry. It’s possible you’ll cling it in a mesh lingerie bag on the clothesline or put it in your dish drainer between makes use of.

One harvest will final a complete yr till the following fall’s crop is available in!

Odd Gourd Produces Implausible Outcomes

Rising loofah is a considerably of a misplaced artwork that I’d like to see make a comeback in gardens in every single place!

They’re a fundamental gourd, with the identical wants as most ornamental vines, however with the additional advantage of a tasty younger fruit.

Grow luffa squash and make your own sponges:

With simply two or three crops a yr, you may as well equip your own home and self-importance with sturdy, sustainable cleansing and grooming instruments that put their artificial counterparts to disgrace!

This sponge additionally makes a particular present. Many gardeners have discovered success promoting them at farmer’s markets, craft reveals, and on-line at websites like eBay and Etsy!

Have you ever ever grown luffa? What methods are you able to consider utilizing this miracle gourd? I’d love to listen to your tales, particularly the way you’ve efficiently eliminated the cussed seeds and pores and skin!

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