How To Pair A Wedding Band With Your Engagement Ring

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Hold the two rings together and the string, now tie the string around the rings. Find a wedding band that is tailored towards your unique diamond shape.

8 Ways To Pair A Wedding Band With Every Type Of Engagement Ring In 2021 Engagement Rings Designer Engagement Rings Wedding Bands

The general rule when pairing these rings, is try to match the shape and setting with your wedding band.

How to pair a wedding band with your engagement ring. There is no rule saying you need to choose matching metals for your wedding band either with your engagement ring or with your partner’s wedding band. It might suit both of you to have a metal that you prefer to wear over the other. For example, the bride might prefer to wear gold, but the groom would prefer to wear silver.

However since a lot of these styles were crafted before the wedding band trend, they were never intended to be worn with another ring, so we have to get creative. To pair easily, scroll to the bottom of the page of your james allen ring page for perfect engagement ring and wedding ring combo ideas! You can tie the two.

Monitor the fit of your rings. Wear 'em solo or wear 'em stacked — to each their own! We recommend finding a piece that can be worn alone and also along with your engagement ring.

That way, you can peruse wedding bands from the same period as your engagement ring or have a band specially made. Those who are perfectly happy wearing their wedding bands and engagement rings separately, as they are, with the advantages and disadvantages, may be unaware of the term “ring soldering.” this is the process of attaching the metals of both rings together, essentially creating one larger ring. This way you can ensure that the diamond sizes match as well as how far down they go on the band.

All in white gold so the colors match, but the different shapes made possible by these bands offer you a lot of creative options for how you could wear your ring. Since an engagement ring will typically only be worn alone for a few months, however, it’s a good idea to consider the style of band you or your partner will want at the same time as you purchase the diamond engagement ring. You can get a string matching with the color of your rings.

This is often something you can work with your jeweler to achieve. There are many styles of ring that will feature diamonds in the band or on the sides. Another way to wear your rings is to transfer the engagement ring to the right hand, while keeping the wedding ring on the left.

As you search for an engagement ring that will take her breath away, take a look at how you can pair the ring with a beautiful, complementary wedding band. You should also make sure the width of your engagement ring and wedding band are the same or similar. The point is, not only do you get your engagement ring first, but it’s designed to be the more prominent ring on your finger.

For example, if your engagement ring has channel set princess cut diamonds, a wedding band that also has channel set princess cut diamonds is your glass. This adds sparkle to both your hands, and is also excellent if your rings have two wildly different styles. If you plan to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together most of the time then be mindful and choose a band that enhances the look of your engagement ring.

The last simple idea is buying ring adjusters that can make your rings smaller and attach them together. Read on for pairing suggestions and helpful considerations. It’s a common belief that both the wedding band and engagement ring.

Another way to seamlessly merge your engagement ring with your wedding band is to match the band by using similar stones you see in your setting. Many companies will have their engagement rings paired with a matching band. Many of our engagement rings feature unique shaped diamonds, settings, or both.

However, it’s not a great solution for keeping your two rings together, still it works! But at the same time, you’d want your wedding band to look stunning by itself. Given how much we love stacking, we decided to dedicate a blog post to building your perfect stack.

A second situation that you might be dealing with is having a unique cut diamond in your engagement ring. If your engagement ring has a smaller stone, you might want to pair it with a simpler wedding band so it doesn’t steal your engagement ring’s thunder. One very common style is to have your wedding band match your engagement ring perfectly.

This combination pairs a beautifully patterned band and a curved diamond band on either side of this gorgeous emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Engagement ring pairing finding the perfect engagement ring can often take precedence over the choice of wedding band. Whether she’s drawn to princess, emerald or round cut engagement rings, a solitaire style gives you the most options when pairing a wedding band.

This principle also works well if your engagement ring has a unique shape. Place a wedding band on either side of the engagement ring to create symmetry. This is a classic option that many brides choose.

Tying two rings together works are a connecter; If you're concerned about budget, you can make substitutions, pairing sterling silver or palladium with white gold, for example. For example, if the band of your engagement ring is thin, opt for a thin wedding band as well.

How to mix (or match) perfectly researching how to buy an engagement ring and wedding ring is a big step during the engagement process. So without further ado, let’s take a look at…. Keeping this in mind, we know it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to finding a wedding band that pairs perfectly with your ring.

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