How To Make Diy Beeswax Leather Conditioner Balm

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This video shares the secrets of traditional dubbin, a really effective leather conditioner and protective treatment for credits:

How to make diy beeswax leather conditioner balm. At least 4 ounces of craft coconut oil ; Shoes, purses, wallets, and even car seats! As always, i worked in weight, using a unit of 1 gram.

Good tools make the process so much easier. 2// pour a little bit of water in your smallest pot and heat the stove at the lowest temperature possible. Homemade leather conditioner balm recipe.

Use a hot waterproof container to put your beeswax in. 1/4 cup castor bean oil. My thoughts for leather conditioner ingredients are:

Combine beeswax, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil. Start homesteading where you live with this easy homestead project and make your own. The process for making this shoe polish and leather conditioner is actually quite easy.

Just a few ingredients will keep things like. With such clean ingredients, you can feel good about using this economical wax and leather conditioner on all your leather items: Fill the bottom of your double boiler with water and place on the stovetop over medium heat;

I've dabbled in making hand balms for the skin (beeswax, shea butter and almond oil), and the recipe could probably be modified for leather. So, 1:1 was 1 gram of beeswax and 1 gram of olive oil (pomace). 1:4 was 1 gram of beeswax and 4 grams of olive oil (pomace).

Home made leather conditioner (traditional) recipe: You can easily condition and preserve leather with this simple diy leather balm recipe! Put your metal container filled with beeswax on some sort of grid, like my guinea pig hey rack here.

At least 4 ounces of organic beeswax pellets; My own recipe is a secret one i have perfected over many years but what i will give you a basic one, get hold of any beef fat (i make my own tallow but you can use beef dripping), beeswax and some lard (pig fat, again i make my own), do roughly a 50% beef fat, 25 % beeswax and 25% lard, melt it down and mix it thoroughly. How to make a leather balm.

If you prefer a firmer balm, switch the coconut oil for shea butter or cocoa butter. Add shea butter and beeswax to the top of the double boiler and melt, stirring occasionally; With a touch of neatsfoot?

To make and apply it: I melted each little pot of beeswax and oil together using a double boiler, and let them all harden for several days (because the weekend ended and i had to go back to. The thinner the slice, the faster it will melt.

Also makes a nice body balm!

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