Dj Or Band How To Decide What Music To Have At Your Reception

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A band will be limited to their repertoire and what they’re comfortable playing. Consider your first dance song a test.

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In my experience, a really good band is better than a good dj.

Dj or band how to decide what music to have at your reception. While guests can request songs from djs or bands, a dj can play more songs, which may get more guests on the dance floor at your wedding reception. Spin my song in the big white book of weddings, i include advice on ceremony music, but in this column i will stick mainly to the reception. Make sure that the band can.

Love live music and have a bigger budget? The way the music is delivered—by live band or dj—also affects the atmosphere. Dismissing the idea of a band or dj before doing some research.

It's traditional and distinctive, and the band you choose can do wonders to set the tone for your reception — from big band glamour to surf band funkiness. But it depends on what kind of music you want. I would rather pay extra for either a really good band or good dj than have either be mediocre.

A good dj’s job is to read the crowd and keep them dancing—they have experience doing exactly this, and are able to switch gears seamlessly when it turns out your crowd is more. You have a sizable budget. With all of the equipment, time, effort, and talent that goes into a wedding band production, it’s little wonder that live bands cost significantly more than a dj.

But booking one can be a costly endeavor, and your musical selections will be limited by the band's repertoire and style. They play music in their own style and can effectively set the mood for your reception. They have come to the wedding to support you at the biggest milestone of your life, so by all means, let them have a blast!

It's also important to note that some live musicians have restrictions on what weather conditions or temperatures they'll play in if the ceremony is outside. This is your first music decision to make and it'll narrow down your options by half. If the band doesn't have a professional sound engineer to mix and control the levels of each instrument, the sound may be too loud and irritate guests, he says.

There are a lot of pro’s and cons to both in deciding on whether to use either a band or a dj for the music at your reception. Even with a full set of turntables and speakers, a dj. A (good) dj's responsibilities extend beyond managing the music.

If you can't decide whether you need a band or dj for your wedding reception essex wedding photographer tarik ahmet gives his opinions. If a band sends you their songs or a link to a video, be sure the musicians you hear or see are the same musicians who will play at your reception. Avoid these mistakes and you're guaranteed to have truly amazing wedding music.

The wedding song that you choose for your first dance should be one that you both love, whether it's a song by your favorite artist, a song that was on the radio when you first started dating, or a song that showcases your interests (like disney movies!). The first dance is another big moment of the reception, and it's also one of the most symbolic. The more members a band has, the more space they need to occupy in order to perform.

Djs have one giant advantage over ipods, which is that they have a huge selection of music at their fingertips and can adjust to the mood of the crowd immediately. Also, ask for referrals from the last few weddings the band or dj played. If that's not a possibility, ask for a playlist and look for songs you know and love.

Big band swing or down home country? Bands can range anywhere from just two members to more than ten members. I personally would be thrilled to get to play some of moroder's best tunes at a reception.

Here are a few factors you can consider when deciding on your wedding music. Regardless of whether you choose a band or dj, be sure they play slow and fast songs, as well as old and new tunes to encourage all guests to hit the dance floor. A band might be your preferred pick.

Beyond your budget, the size of your guest list also should inform your choice of musical group, suggests james borden, owner of musicians unlimited. In a nutshell the choice boils down to what kind of musical feel and experience you want for your reception and the amount of money you want to spend. One big difference between a dj and a band is, of course, how many people you’ll have performing during your reception.

If you can't find a dj excited to both learn about and honor your music tastes on your wedding day, then you should go with diy playlists. The type of music you want may also dictate your decision too—big band sounds are generally best live, for example. Most likely your dj has an infinite selection of music, and whatever they don’t have you can probably request.

If you have very specific taste in music (or you just don’t want certain things to be played), then have a consultation with your dj before the wedding so that he or she can get a better picture of what kind of reception you want to have. If music is really important to you, do your research (check bands and djs out in person) and get someone fabulous. This is something to consider if you are booking your.

Often, brides ask if they should have a band or a dj. Choose a live band if. A band takes up much more space than a dj, so if space is a constraint your options may be limited.

Having a band gives you the dynamics of a live performance.

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