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If you want to help restore our bee population, you can help by checking out this video and growing some of these plants that bees absolutely love!here are s. The professionals reckon that borage and bee dry session mead has delicate, honeyed and lightly floral with notes of red appleskin, borage and herbaceous mānuka.

Borage – Why Is It So Good For Bees Bee Friendly Plants Bee Keeping Bee Friendly Garden

Several times a year, i scatter seed packets and am rewarded with an almost ethereal show of purple blossoms and fuzzy haloed stems, followed by.

Bees love borage. The bees love borage and once you have let it go to seed you will always have it. I smith on friday 1 april 2016 trying to find out how to preserve borage. It’s not only a favorite plant of the honey bees,.

I would sow some borage for your bees, the more the better, but if you only have as little as a 5'x10' spot for a bee plant, i would choose borage, it comes up easily, low maintenance, reseeds itself, and produces beautiful blue flowers and lots of them. Bumble bees love borage, and since bumbles also sometimes pollinate tomatoes, it’s a match made in heave (hornworm deterrence aside). The bees absolutely love the stuff, they are on the blossoms literally from light to dark.

Borage is grown as a honey plant for bees. Borage is also nicknamed bee bread for that reason. Many pollinators, including honey bees, are attracted to the purple blooms of borage.

Borage replaces its nectar very quickly once drunk by an insect. Borage is also a great companion to some of your garden favorites. Bees love the nectar rich flowers.

Borage, also known as bugloss and starflower (borago officinalis) is an easily grown hardy annual flowering herb that comes from mediterranean countries. You can make your own flowery ice cubes with your garden edibles, there are easy instructions at the end of this article. The purple flower has a mild cucumber flavor and can be used to garnish salads or cold drinks.

I look out and down. Borage (borago officinalis) is a charmer. I like to add the vibrant blue flowers to salads but they are also great candied for desserts or fresh in beverages.

If you are not growing this amazing plant in your garden, you are missing out! They need little care — water when they feel limp at a minimum, but if they are in the tomato garden, they should get the right amount. I love its shade of blue.

Plants can be seen buzzing with bees all summer long. Bees and butterflies love borage! Bees and butterflies love borage, so plant it in the corners of your garden to attract these pollinators.

If you have space, please sow some borage seeds. There are more of them in the borage today, but only bumble bees in the blossoming trees. Bees love borage and the blooms are some of their favourite flowers.

These flowers bloom for a long period of time. I grow mine away from the main vege patch, in an area veges don't grow well. Borage flowers and leaves are edible, the bees love the plant, and it can grow in most microclimates of southern california.

Bees, of all kinds, can’t resist it because the flowers are loaded with nectar and pollen. When visiting your borage take a minute and harvest some of the new tender leaves, you may then want to toss them into a salad. Borage is a wonderful companion for tomatoes, strawberries, squash and most other plants.

The bees are out, on a fine morning. Any info will be appreciated. Bees love borage and it yields a beautiful honey.

In fact, this source considers borage one of the top five plants for honey bees. Borage is a beautiful flowering plant with a wide range of uses. But, if you visit your borage regularly like the bees do, you can help your borage behave and increase your enjoyment of this unusual plant.

Bumble bee in the blue borage, early january bumble bee (left) making for the white borage, same day. Burrage bees and borage go together like bread and jam! Cultivated as a vegetable in some regions of the world, this plant is responsible for honey production too.

Borage ( borago officinalis ), also known as starflower, bee bush, bee bread, and bugloss, is a medicinal herb with edible leaves and flowers. All i can find doesn't seem to encourage using the plant parts medicinally. Borage also has a surprising number of medicinal attributes going for it too which you can read more of below.

Borage (blue) ~ borago officinalis aka; So i walk around and up to the neighbours’ side of the wall to see whether there’s something that obstructs the bees’ access, to get the bee perspective if i can. Borage is rich in nectar which is what attracts it to bees making it benefical to them as a food source.

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