15 Late Blooming Hydrangea Varieties for Late Summer Blooms

  • michele greg
  • May 17, 2023

We all know hydrangeas as being the belle of the summer season ball. Like many crops, there are totally different bloom occasions inside a genus and hydrangeas are not any totally different. Some species will bloom early in the summertime, whereas some are thought of late blooming.

Hydrangeas are lovely shrubs which might be straightforward to develop. These crops are available a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes. There really is a species for each backyard.

Are you trying to find a hydrangea that can fill your backyard with bountiful flowers later in the summertime? Let’s check out 15 late blooming hydrangea varieties that might be just right for you.


Close-up of blooming Hydrangea ‘Bloomstruck’ in the garden. The bush is lush, has dark green heart-shaped foliage and globular inflorescences of purple flowers with a hint of green.
This late blooming selection is a reblooming and produces lovely purple flowers with a touch of inexperienced.

BloomStruck® is a member of the Limitless Summer season® assortment. This selection is reblooming. They begin their season blooming on outdated wooden after which will bloom once more afterward new wooden. This new wooden bloom helps to increase the bloom time later into the season.

This hydrangea bears lovely purple flowers with hints of inexperienced and blue on prime of stems with hints of purple all through. The flowers are mophead and might attain as much as 5 inches throughout.  Within the autumn the luxurious inexperienced foliage will flip to a shade of purple. This plant offers multi-season curiosity in your gardens.

Blushing Bride®

Close-up of a blooming Blushing Bride hydrangea bush in a mulched garden bed. The bush is young, low, lush, has large heart-shaped dark green leaves with serrated edges. The inflorescences are spherical, consist of creamy white flowers with blush-pink hues.
Blushing Bride produces pleasant creamy white flowers tinged with blush pink.

That is one other member of the Limitless Summer season® assortment. Like its well-known companions, Blushing Bride will rebloom all through the summer season.

The flowers on Blushing Bride are a creamy white with some hints of blush pink. Because the season progresses the flowers might flip to a pleasant shade of purple. This all relies on the pH of your soil. These flowers are giant, rising as much as 9 inches throughout.

The Unique Limitless Summer season®

Close-up of Endless Summer the Original hydrangea inflorescence blooming against dark green foliage. The inflorescence is spherical, consisting of many four-petalled sterile true blue flowers with whitish centers.
This charming shrub has lovely blue or pink flowers.

The hydrangea that began all of it! The Unique Limitless Summer season® hydrangea is extraordinarily standard and forgiving. It’s no marvel we’ve got grown to like the gathering a lot. This selection is the primary to rebloom on new and outdated wooden, which makes it a favourite of many gardeners.

This selection will likely be lined in good blue or pink flowers, relying on the pH of your soil. These flowers will develop to about 9 inches throughout. The leaves are a horny mild inexperienced, which completely accents the colourful flowers. It is a mounded rising shrub that can match properly into many areas in your gardens.

Pop Star®

Close-up of a blooming 'Pop star' hydrangea bush in a sunny garden. The bush is lush, has beautiful round lacy inflorescences consisting of blue-green fertile flowers in the center, which are surrounded by sterile large purple-blue flowers. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, dark green, with serrated edges and pointed tips.
Pop Star® produces darkish blue lacy flowers which can flip pink because of soil pH sensitivity.

That is the latest addition to the Limitless Summer season® assortment, and it’s a magnificence! Pop Star® is roofed in deep blue lacecap flowers. These flowers will likely be pinkish if they’re grown in alkaline soil, so run a pH take a look at!

This hydrangea is on the smaller aspect making it helpful in brief border gardens. The leaves on Pop Star® are deep wealthy inexperienced, permitting the flowers to pop. Pop Star® is a extremely good selection for hotter climates, because it has been proven to face the take a look at of warmth.


Close-up of a blooming 'Twist-n-shout' hydrangea bush in a sunny garden. The plant has large, heart-shaped green leaves with serrated edges, and beautiful lacy inflorescences of loose, small, fertile purplish-pink inflorescences surrounded by sterile, large, four-petalled pink flowers.
Twist-n-Shout is a reblooming selection that produces pretty lacecap pink-purple flowers.

One more selection from the Limitless Summer season® assortment. These reblooming hydrangeas are as reliable as they’re lovely.

Twist-n-Shout® is a lacecap number of bigleaf hydrangeas.

This selection tends to be in shades of pink, so if you’re searching for extra blue or purple shades take a look at your soil to see if you want to amend it! Will probably be stuffed with superbly blooming lacecap flowers from summer season into fall.

Seaside Serenade® Newport

Close-up of a blooming hydrangea bush 'Seaside serenade Newport' in a sunny garden. The flowers are large, spherical, composed of many purple-blue flowers, densely grouped. The leaves are dark green, textured, oval, with pointed tips and serrated edges.
This late blooming selection produces pleasant purple-blue flowers which might be very delicate to soil pH.

Seaside Serenade® Newport is a reblooming selection that’s lined in lovely purple to blue blossoms. These flowers are born from lime inexperienced flower buds, which distinction properly when the second spherical of blooms is available in.

These flowers are delicate to the soil’s pH. Acidic soil will favor blue hydrangea blooms, whereas alkaline soil will favor pink blooms.

Plant Seaside Serenade® Newport virtually wherever in your backyard the place it should get partial shade. The leaves on this hydrangea are a lush shade of inexperienced and don’t supply a lot when it comes to fall colour.

Summer season Crush®

Close-up of 'Summer crush' hydrangea in bloom surrounded by dark green foliage with serrated edges. The semicircular inflorescence consists of many bright crimson four-petal flowers.
Summer season Crush® is a repeat blooming selection that produces neon inexperienced flowers that shortly flip vivid pink.

One other number of the Endless Summer® bunch is Summer season Crush®. This reblooming hydrangea is roofed in raspberry-colored mophead flowers. These flowers will bloom neon inexperienced shortly taking up a vivid pink or purple colour.

Summer season Crush® is an excellent-sized dwarf selection, making it very straightforward to slide into your backyard. Whereas it might make an important container plant, Summer season Crush® would even be the star of your perennial gardens.

Berry White®

Large flowering hydrangea bush ‘Berry white’ in the garden. The bush is lush, has oval, dark green leaves with jagged edges and large cone-shaped panicles consisting of many small crimson-pink and cream flowers.
This number of hydrangea paniculata has lovely cone-shaped white panicles that change colour to raspberry-pink in the course of the season.

Berry White® is a extremely lovely late-blooming selection. Blooming on upright branches, the flowers of Berry White® will likely be white and can attain as much as 6 inches in size. Because the season progresses, so will the colour of the blossoms. From backside to prime, the flower petals will age from pink to raspberry pink.

Berry White® is a pleasant tall hydrangea that will be lovely if planted in a mass. It might additionally serve properly as a press release plant and might make a wonderful privateness hedge. Remember to snag a few these blossoms in your indoor preparations!


Top view, close-up of blooming Hydrangea ‘Bobo’ in a sunny garden. The plant has large panicles of many small cream sterile flowers.
This dwarf selection produces giant, cream-colored paniculate flowers.

Bobo® hydrangeas are a traditional and well-loved bushy dwarf selection. This hydrangea will likely be lined head to toe in lovely white panicle flowers.

Because the flowers age they tackle a reasonably shade of pink that can final into the autumn. The plush foliage is a deep inexperienced, with no actual considerable fall colour.

It is a nice hydrangea to tuck into small perennial gardens or shorter borders. Or attempt utilizing it in a container in your patio.

‘Sweet Apple’

Close-up of a blooming Candy Apple hydrangea inflorescence against a blurred garden background. The inflorescence is large, rounded, consists of many pale green sterile four-petal flowers.
‘Sweet Apple’ blooms with charming mild inexperienced flowers that flip pinkish within the fall.

In case you are searching for a midsize hydrangea ‘Sweet Apple’ is a wonderful alternative in your gardens. The flowers on the ‘Sweet Apple’ will bloom in a lightweight shade of inexperienced.

As they age they spend many of the season creamy white. When fall approaches you’ll discover that your flowers will likely be speckled with pink. The foliage is a vivid inexperienced, taking up some tones of copper in the course of the fall.

Hearth and Ice®

Close-up of blooming 'Fire and Ice' hydrangeas against a blurred green background. The plant has conical inflorescences of rich pink loose four-petal flowers.
‘Wilms Purple’, or Hearth and Ice®, is a chilly and heat-tolerant hydrangea selection that produces pleasant white flowers that flip pink and vivid purple in autumn.

Hearth and Ice® presents gardeners a species that’s each chilly and heat-tolerant. This gorgeous panicle hydrangea oftentimes can have three totally different colours on its flowers.

The conical flowers will start their summer season journey as inexperienced, mature to white, and eventually, fade to pink or a vivid purple. These blossoms usually are not solely long-lasting in your backyard, however will final for a number of weeks in a vase inside.


Close-up of a blooming Hydrangea 'Limelight' bush. The bush is large, lush, consists of many dark green serrated foliage and large cone-shaped inflorescences of densely packed sterile greenish-cream flowers.
‘Limelight’ blooms from summer season to autumn with lovely greenish flowers that flip purple in direction of the tip of the season.

Ah, the beloved ‘Limelight’. Is there any record I gained’t attempt to squeeze this selection into? It’s simply so good. ‘Limelight’ is a superb addition to any backyard. This hydrangea will start to bloom later in the summertime and can final properly into the autumn.

The flowers will maintain on to their inexperienced for many of the season and can fade to pink or purple within the fall. Because the leaves change to purple, the leaves may even tackle a reasonably autumnal shade of purple.

Pinky Winky®

Close-up of a blooming hydrangea 'Pinky winky' bush in a sunny garden. The plant has large, loose, cone-shaped panicles of sterile flowers pink below and creamy white above.
Pinky Winky® is a well-liked panicle hydrangea that produces creamy white flowers that flip pink from the underside up.

One other nice and very talked-about panicle hydrangea is Pinky Winky®. This selection has flowers that may attain as much as one foot in size. These flowers will likely be creamy white till they start to age and switch pink from the underside up.

For some further element, the stems of Pinky Winky® are a deep purple. Not like many hydrangeas with giant flowers, these stems won’t flop below the heavy weight. The foliage on Pinky Winky® is mild inexperienced and doesn’t have any notable fall colour. This explicit selection can develop in full solar, much like different panicles.


A close-up of a 'Tardiva' hydrangea inflorescence against a blurred backdrop of a garden. The inflorescence is large, oblong, conical, of loosely packed white flower heads. The leaves are oval, dark green, slightly toothed.
This late blooming hydrangea produces white cone-shaped inflorescences.

‘Tardiva’ is famous as one of many final hydrangeas to bloom in the summertime. The white flowers of ‘Tardiva’ are nonetheless cone-shaped, however the flowers usually are not as dense as numerous different panicle hydrangeas. This makes ‘Tardiva’ an important match for a whimsical or cottage backyard. Because the white flowers age, they’ll flip a lightweight shade of pink.

The foliage on ‘Tardiva’ is vivid inexperienced and can flip yellow and purple within the fall. Attempt pruning ‘Tardiva’ right into a tree type for a particular curiosity plant in your backyard.

Tuff Stuff™

Close-up of a flowering bush of Hydrangea serrata Tuff Stuff in a sunny garden. The bush is lush, has large, dark green, jagged leaves and lacy flowers of dark pink color. Each flower is filled with pale green and pinkish fertile buds in the center and pink infertile buds around the edges.
‘Tuff stuff’ is a pleasant selection that blooms late with lacy deep pink flowers.

Mountain Hydrangeas are for these gardeners who love bigleaf hydrangeas however fear concerning the winter temperature negatively affecting their crops.

Tuff Stuff™ is a wonderful late-blooming mountain hydrangea. The lacecap flowers of ‘tuff stuff’ are purple or deep pink and really long-lasting. The inexperienced foliage will flip purple within the fall.

Tuck Tuff Stuff™ into your perennial gardens, or your shorter borders. In case you are searching for one thing even smaller attempt its dwarf selection Tiny Tuff Stuff™ will max out at 2 ft.

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